17 September

Jim Morrison misbehaves

Damn It Jimmy

So we are drinking a...

Damn It Jimmy

Ed Sullivan wasn't afraid to showcase young talent on his American TV show, having previously created overnight superstars, including the Beatles and Elvis Presley, but he probably regretted doing so on this day in 1967, when he hosted Jim Morrison and The Doors.

During rehearsals the band had been told to change the lyrics of Light My Fire from "Girl, we couldn't get much higher" to "Girl, we couldn't get much better", because it was thought that the original line might be interpreted as referring to drugs. Jim, of course, didn't change the words, and afterwards the band were told by the show's producers that their six upcoming appearances were cancelled and they were banned from the show for good. Damn it, Jimmy, how could you? And that's why today we're drinking a Damn It Jimmy cocktail!

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