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Words by: Cherry Heering

I have three big passions in life: Travelling, languages and 'the world of food & drinks'.

I am born in Germany to Swedish parents whom both have spent more than half of their lives living abroad. At an early age, I was exposed to different languages and cultures, which put out the foundation for who I was going to become. We moved back to Sweden in 1995. Since then I have been travelling abroad to different countries and cities at least twice a year.

My passion for travelling is what lead me in to my first restaurant experience. Having just finished high school, my primary objective was to travel and practice foreign languages. I went to Germany (2010) and started working in a classic German Bierstube, pouring Meckenheim locals beer and serving them German food. After some time, I once again let travelling decide where to go next.

An opportunity to live and work in Albufeira, Portugal quickly appeared. I worked as a waiter in a restaurant with a boss which in 2010 had 35 years of experience in the business. Working with him was inspiring in many ways, especially learning from his long experience how to take care of my guests and colleagues. I stayed at the restaurant for two years and picked up Portuguese by politely forcing the locals not to speak English with me.

Having learned Portuguese, a new world of possibilities was in my reach and I decided my next stop would be Brazil (2012). Being a lover of caipirinha, working as a bartender in a bar called 'Cachaçeria' couldn't have been more suitable.We infused cachaça with all kinds of spices and made caipirinhas with many different tropical fruits while enjoying Brazilian music played by local bands. I spent my time in Brazil living a life with common Brazilian people and I can truly say I have never met such a welcoming and loving people as the 'Brasileiros'.

After many good experiences I decided I would return to Sweden and settle down to study. Whilst studying Latinamerica-studies in Stockholm (2013), I managed to gain the responsibility of the bar at the Asian restaurant E.A.T. However I decided to take a year of from restaurants to engage in bicycling. After having worked as a bike messenger for a year, my urge to return to the restaurant business was unstoppable.
A very good friend and source of inspiration offered me a part time job as a bartender at YUC! in the beginning of December 2015. Having worked only a couple of shifts it was once again apparent that working in restaurants is truly my call. And after only a couple of months, I was yet again back fulltime behind the bar. YUC! Is a Mexican fusion restaurant with inspiration from all over Latin America and the world. The time I have spent here has been very inspiring, working with very experienced people teaching me a lot primarily about Latin American spirits (especially tequila and mezcal), herbs and fruits but also helped me deepen my knowledge about the whole restaurant business. I feel very much at home living in multicultural Stockholm and at the same working in a Latin American environment.

At the moment I am working both in the bar and as a head waiter. ('hovmästare' in Swedish) Having returned to the restaurant business for a second time in my life, I think it is safe to say, and I'm quouting our owner, 'Once in the restaurant business, always in the restaurant business'.

"A Cherry Heering cocktail with your friends is one of the best things in life."

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