Fraser Campbell

Words by Difford's Guide

First name(s): Fraser
Last/Family name: Campbell
Originally from: Scotland
Profession: Global Brand Ambassador
At: London

Fraser Campbell is the Global Brand Ambassador for Dewar’s Whisky.

Growing up in Scotland, Fraser landed his first job at a local pub. It was here he first encountered whisky and began his journey into the drinks industry. Ready to expand his horizons, Fraser moved to Australia and took the lead at The Alchemist where he developed the bar into an award-winning venue.

Also while in Australia, Fraser launched the Melbourne Bartender Exchange, a Facebook group designed to unite local bartenders. The concept grew into a larger project, the Global Bartender Exchange, offering bartenders around the world a platform to connect with each other in their local community.

While living in Spain some years later, he was approached by Jacob Briars, the Head of Global Advocacy at Bacardi and was invited to join the Dewar’s team. Fraser took the leap into ambassadorship and hasn’t looked back since.

Fraser currently lives in London and travels around the world as an advocate for Dewar’s whisky.

Watch the video above to discover Fraser’s full story.