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I am Fotios (Akis) Kalogritsas originally from Thessalie Greece. Presently I am head bartender at Cadillac Records Cocktail Bar in my hometown Karditsa were I have been serving cocktails for a year now. My passion for this profession began four years ago while studying Economics at the university of Ioannina in Greece, where I worked in a popular bar named Denoar Cocktail Bar. I quickly realized my longing to be creative and innovative in the cocktails I was serving, and so I seeked to gain more knowledge in the art of cocktail making by communicating with professionals in the field.

Firstly, I enrolled in the national Bar Academy of Greece where I got my basic training and then continued on to broaden my knowledge by attending two seminars on bar management,bar skills, 'Know Your Product: The Essential Guide to Spirits' and most importantly the Rum Perfection Training Program given by Ben Reed where I received the tittle of 'The Rum Master'.Furthermore, I had the privilege to follow a seminar given by Ian Burrell,Tony Conigliaro,Alex Kratena and Monica Berg. During all these seminars and more, I have been inspired to continue this art as I value the precision, detail in flavoring and the gratification of impressing regular customers.

In closing, regardless of my young age, I wish to express my high hopes to evolve in the field of Bartending.

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