Eric Tinca

Words by Simon Difford

First name(s): Eric
Last/Family name: Tinca
Profession: Bartender
At: London

Eric is one of the crack team of bartenders at London’s Satan's Whiskers and his Tennessee Swizzle (recipe below) was so good that he emerged as one of the three winners of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Calling III, so earning him the trip of a lifetime to New York and a behind the scenes tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Tennessee Swizzle

Glass: Collins
Garnish: Mint and freshly grated nutmeg
Method: Swizzle all ingredients with crushed ice and serve in a chilled glass.
• 45 ml Jack Daniels Old No.7
• 5 ml Yellow Chartreuse
• 3 dashes Galliano Vanilla
• 1 dash Angostura Aromatic Bitters
• 12 ml Coconut syrup
• 10 ml Lemon juice