Padre Azul Tequila

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In Spanish, "Padre" means father and "Azul" is blue, so it literally translates as Blue Father. However, in the case of this tequila's name, Padre comes from a specifically Mexican slang term, "Que Padre" which translates as meaning cool, wonderful, fantastic.

In Mexico, Que Padre is used as a greeting or salutation, Hey what's going on, Que Padre, it's cool, fantastic, life is fantastic....

Padre Azul is literally the lovechild of Hans-Peter "H.P." Eder, an Austrian banker and the son of a highly regarded schnapps distiller, who met and married a Mexican from Guadalajara, Adriana Alvarez Maxemin. Mexican weddings tend to be huge affairs and it was at their wedding party that H.P. met his father-in-law. Naturally, there was much toasting and tequila. It was also H.P.'s first proper encounter with quality tequila, an encounter that led to the creation of Padre Azul.

H.P.'s father-in-law, Francisco Alvarez, now oversees production and Erika Sangeado, H.P.'s wife's cousin is Padre Azul's master distiller.

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Erika Sangeado, Padre Azul's master distiller