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Monin's product ranges

Quality, creativity and innovation: are the three words Monin says represent the brand's way of thinking and working. Faithful to their French heritage with headquarters in Bourges, where the company was founded, Monin is constantly innovating to extend its unrivalled portfolio of syrups, fruit mixes, sauces, frappes, liqueurs and smoothies, covering more than 150 flavours in 19 different formats.


Their most recognisable product is their vast range of over 100 different flavours of syrup, based on fruit, coffee, nut, herbal or floral flavour profiles, suitable for use in cocktails, coffees and soft drinks. They also have five sugar-free and reduced-sugar versions which are commonly used in coffees. Their recognised quality and vast flavour options have contributed to making Monin the market leader.

Fruit mixes

Monin's 'Le Fruit' range is a range of fruit-based products for use in cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, milkshakes, frappes and also food applications. It's a two-in-one product made of fruit puree and sugar syrup, with the added bonus of being safe to store at an ambient temperature for four weeks after opening. With 20 flavour options, this range offers endless creative opportunities.


Based on tea, coffee and citrus flavours, Monin's concentrate range includes cold brew, iced tea and cloudy lemonade. They also offer substitutes for freshly squeezed juice, with their lemon and lime rantcho concentrates offering a solution for venues with no fresh fruit.

Frappe bases

Available in powdered and liquid formats, Frappe bases are designed to complement other Monin flavour ranges such as Le Fruit and syrup. With a low cost-per-serving and lots of applications, such as frappes, milkshakes, smoothies, frozen coffees and frozen cocktails, they have become a coffee shop essential. Available in five flavours including a non-dairy vegan option.


Available in six flavours, a smooth, creamy texture for use in cocktails, hot drinks, milkshakes, toppings and desserts. Highly concentrated and palm-oil free. These sauces are shelf stable for six weeks after opening and are easily dispensed with pump or squeeze bottle options.


Monin offers a range of 25 highly concentrated flavours designed for use in cocktails, hot and cold drink applications.

Georges Monin SA

Status: Operational
Established: 1912
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Address: Bourges, BP 25-1800
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