Montenegro's complex citrus-led bitter-sweetness lends itself to a wide range of cocktails besides aperitivos as illustrated by the broad selection below. Click the name or the image to view the full recipe.

Monte & Tonic image
MonteNegroni image
Monte Mule image
M & M image
Hunter's Verdict image
Adriatique Cocktail image
Bubo Bubo image
Burning Bright image
Canadian Tuxedo image
Circus Circus image
Dante's Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail image
Day La Vie image
Full Monte image
Lost Plane image
Monte Manhattan image
Monte Paloma image
Monte Whiskey Sour image
Monterita image
Mount Rushmore image
Pastry War Margarita image
Reno image
Salvamento image
Stonage image
Suzepect Swizzle image
The Malagueña image
The Queen's Steeple image
Touchwood image
Bitter Maid image
Black Magic image
Cobble Hill image
Crowned King image
French 40 image
Monte Sour image
Piaggio Vespa Sidecar image
Susto image
Poderoso image
Save the Legacy image
Mollymock image