Daniel Arévalo, Somnia
Daniel Arévalo, Somnia

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Daniel Arévalo, Somnia

Daniel Arévalo current manager and owner of Somnia fx, after years working in Barcelona and teaching in different emblematic venues of the city famous cocktails, such as the classic Old fashioned or the highly reputed Hemingway.

Daniel's work in Somnia tries to encompass what for him is the sumun of Bartending: absolute hospitality with the client, wrapping him in a completely different atmosphere, creating a "wow effect" as he says, both with the container and the liquid contained. We live in a present day where not only a balanced cocktail or good lighting is enough today. We know that it is essential, but later on we will explain what happens in Somnia.

The Butterfly Effect

Created by Daniel Arévalo, Somnia in Barcelona

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20ml Italicus
15ml Gin infused with butterfly pea flowers
80ml Proximity peach soda
3 basil leaves of butterfly pea
Licorice root
Garnish with basil leaf

We are inspired by the elegance of the Italicus product, creating the most refreshing and elegant aperitif, but at the same time producing an effect to which the consumer is not indifferent.

Aperitif cocktail with an optical color change effect. From deep blue to a subtle fuchsia, leaving the aroma of licorice root as you mix it; refreshing drink with supreme fruity notes of peach and with the complexity of italicus.