George Eleftheriadis, Bel Ray
George Eleftheriadis, Bel Ray

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George Eleftheriadis, Bel Ray

George Eleftheriadis first fell into a restaurant when he was 17 and he started working as a laundry. He was lucky enough to go through all the places of the restaurant until he reached the bar. The job followed him in his studies, and his postgraduate studies, and later he decided that it was where he belonged.

George says you must love the work in order to stay doing it. Over the past 16 years, he has worked in well-known restaurants and bars in various parts of Athens and Greece.

He has worked at Bel Ray for over 2 years. He believes it is one of the best bars in Athens because it respects the customer and the employee. As a bar manager, George wants to give the world something new every year, something different and to teach the consumer new flavors and aromas beyond the usual.


Created by George Eleftheriadis at Bel Ray, Athens

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45ml Italicus
30ml Lillet Blanc
15ml grapefruit liquer
Homemade soda made by Greek chamomile of Lárissa town

George says, "The name of the drink is: Semplicità, it is an Italian word and means simplicity. I thought I had to work on a complex product on my own whenever I did not want to get tired of it. I had in mind to highlight it through a flow of flavors. That's why I used ingredients to frame it, such as Lillet Blanc, a fruity and floral vermouth and a grapefruit liqueur. Finally I added chamomile extract from Larissa to emphasize more the botanical character of Italicus. The inspiration was purely to make an Aperitivo exactly the way I like it, and to present it to you."