Greg Kong, Kimika
Greg Kong, Kimika

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Greg Kong, Kimika

Greg is one of the rare few born and raised New Yorkers, although he is so friendly one might think he's from the mid-west.

Although he went to school to study architecture, he realized very quickly that while it was a passion, it wasn't something he wanted to pursue as a career. Bartending started as a side hustle but quickly he fell in love with it, spending time working at Soho House, Red Farm and seasons on Martha Vineyard before finding a bar that would feel like home.

Upon taking the role of Head Bartender at Patent Pending, Greg was able to fully commit to playing with complex flavours and savoury elements, and fully come into his own. He is now the beverage manager at the newly opened Japanese - Italian hybrid, Kimika.

Cider Spritz

Created by Greg Kong, Kimika, NYC

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1 oz Italicus
2 dashes apple cider vinegar
.5 oz apple cider
.5 oz cinnamon infused Suze
.5 oz Dimmi
.5 oz Lustau Fino
2 oz dry prosecco
Top with soda

Add all ingredients (except prosecco and soda) into shaking tin, add 3-5 pieces of pebbled ice, whip shake. Add ice to highball glass, pour in cocktail, prosecco, and soda. Garnish with apple slice fan.

The inspiration behind this drink was a recent tradition of always having sparkling apple cider on hand for holidays and family gatherings. I wanted to re-create the sentiment of these gatherings, while giving a nod to my home town of New York City, aka The Big Apple, by using locally made apple cider.

I've used the template of an aperitivo spritz to convey a sense of community and gathering. Dimmi and Suze complement the floral and herbaceous notes of Italicus. Licorice and vanilla in Dimmi also complement the cider, while bittersweet, cinnamon infused Suze rounds off the sweeter elements. Fino sherry, and a couple dashes of apple cider vinegar add acidity and tartness. Finally, prosecco is added to add effervescence, and lift all the flavors out of the glass.