Maria Hallhagen, Häktet
Maria Hallhagen, Häktet

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Maria Hallhagen, Häktet

Photography by Gustavo Flores Paredes & Sofia Castensson

Young bartender from the west coast, ambitious and humble, Maria is quickly escalating in the stardom of Sthlm bars.

Funkmates' Punch

Created by Maria Hallhagen at Häktet, Stockholm

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50ml Italicus
10ml Coffee infused Overproof Agricole Rhum (I used JM Blanc)*
30ml Banana Rock Candy
20ml lime juice
1 dash Angostura Bitters
Green Jasmine Tea icecubes

Prep the ice by brewing the tea, letting it cool and pour into silicone moulds and leave in the freezer, alternatively freeze the tea and carve it by hand. Pour all ingredients (except the tea) into a shaker and shake with ice. Double strain and serve over the tea flavoured ice.

*Add coffee beans to a light highproof agricole rhum and let sit for a few hours, depending on room temperature, or until the rhum has a light amber colour. Strain.

The drink is a tribute to Södermalm funky and vibrant scene and by working in this area Maria is been strongly influenced by all of this colours and vibes.

A twist on the classic punch formula with Italicus as its main base, using banana, caramel and just a splash of overproof rhum for some added fruity funk in place of a traditional blend of rums. The tea helps cool, dilute and develop the drink, letting each imbiber decide whether he or she is keen on a headier concoction or prefers more of the green herbal notes of the tea.