Patrik Karlsson, Supper
Patrik Karlsson, Supper

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Patrik Karlsson, Supper

Photography by Gustavo Flores Paredes & Sofia Castensson

Chef from the start but Patrik's love for service and beverages got him behind the bar. He has been working behind various bars in Sthlm, Göteborg, Åre and Visby.

Chilean Swizzle Wizzle

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30ml Italicus
40ml Pisco
25ml Lime Juice
20ml Sugar Sirup

Patrik says, "A great cocktail should taste good but also look good. Since Supper is inspired by South America we wanted to make our take on a classic and pay a tribute to the huge local latino community. Chilean Pisco mixed with Italicus and creme de Peche, add some sugar and some lime and we have all the elements we are looking for in a drink. Top it with a little bit of soda and peychauds bitters. We got the Idea from Queens Park Swizzle and this one is called Chilean Swizzle Wizzle."