Sean Iglehart, Sweetwater
Sean Iglehart, Sweetwater

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Sean Iglehart, Sweetwater

Sean's family has been in the Delray area since the 1930s, so he is about as local as it gets!

Sean was a busboy and barback before studying design in college when he realized he wasn't cut out for the desk life. He then founded Sweetwater in 2011 and, together with his team, has been pushing the boundaries of craft cocktails over the edge for almost a decade, making Sweetwater a destination craft cocktail bar in South Florida.

Summer is A State Of Mind

Created by Sean Iglehart, Sweetwater, Miami

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1.5 oz Italicus
1.5 oz Coconut Water
0.75 oz Bianco Vermouth
0.75 oz Lime Juice
0.75 oz Prosecco


Summer, especially in South Florida is a year around state of mind. I wanted to evoke the light spirited nature of using low ABV ingredients to keep the day and night going longer. Coconut is a fruit that grows in abundance and provides amazing nutrients, especially during long, hot summer days. It adds a unique crisp and slightly sweet element to the cocktail.