Thierry Malikian, Le Calbar
Thierry Malikian, Le Calbar

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Thierry Malikian, Le Calbar

Thierry Malikian is the co-owner of LE CALBAR in Paris 12th.

Thierry opened LE CALBAR with his partner Christophe Sichanh. The team will always welcome you with a smile, bower shorts, shirt and a bow tie. This is their signature style since they opened eight years ago. In September, they opened LE CALBAR in Geneva, which proudly keeps the same atmosphere and great drinks.

Le doux

Created by Thierry Malikian, Le Calbar, Paris

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30 ml Italicus
20 ml Gin
20ml Fresh grapefruit
10ml Cranberry juice
10ml Liquid whey
Timut Pepper

Le Doux is a sweet clarified technique cocktail made for the large amount of feminine clientele we are so lucky to have, italicus is one of our best seller liquor and the sweet and liquorious taste please our ladies guest, we tried to twist the iconic cosmopolitain on a more complex drink.