Winning Recipes
Winning Recipes

Our thanks to all at Monkey 47 Gin for making the inaugural Difford's Guide Invitational cocktail competition via our Cocktail Builder possible – one of the few competitions 'open' to home cocktail enthusiasts and professional bartenders alike. Difford's Guide Invitationals are simply about finding delicious cocktails, not bartending or presentation skills. May the best new recipes win!

Naturally, the folk at Monkey 47 are keen to encourage Discerning Drinkers to create and share delicious cocktail recipes using their gin. Our Cocktail Builder enables you to upload cocktail recipes to Difford's Guide and set them to 'public' to share with others – so a perfect platform for cocktail competitions.

Invitations to enter this and future Difford's Guide cocktail competitions are sent to members of our club who have registered (see 'login'/'account' top right) specifying their country (due to prizes tending to be country-specific). The first such Invitational was set by Monkey 47 Gin last month (May 2022) who offered some very special limited-edition bottles as prizes and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the winner.

This Monkey 47 Gin competition was judged by our friends at the gin's UK brand team so I invited UK-registered members to enter (if you didn't receive an invite then please update 'Your details,' including selecting your country of residence, in your 'Account' (top right) to ensure I email you with an invite to future competitions).

Our congratulations to Mike Heaps for creating the winning cocktail, Foragers' Negroni with Pine Needle Truffle. Mike has won a trip for two to the impressive Monkey 47 distillery in Germany's scenic Black Forest region. The folk at Monkey 47 will also be sending Mike their latest limited edition Experimentum Series (2y06) bottling which is one of the best gins I've ever sampled.

Bottles of this very special gin are also being sent to the two Runners up – Norbert Drozdowski for his Monkey's Highball which proves simple is beautiful, and Jonathan Travers-Smith for his Summer in the Schwarzwald.

The winning cocktails and other entries below.

The winner is

And the two runners-up are

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The Introverted Extrovert image
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