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Winning Recipes

Big Apple Sour

By Becky Morris

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Cinnamon sugar rim, Apple fan

How to make:

Build all ingredients, except for the pinot noir, dry shake first to build foam, then wet shake to finish. Pour over fresh ice into an old fashioned glass and float the wine under the foam to make a gorgeous red layer.

30 ml Monkey 47 gin
15 ml Aquafaba (chickpea water)
25 ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
2 dash Bob's Ginger Bitters
30 ml Le Sirop de Monin Cannelle (Cinnamon) Sugar Syrup
30 ml Giffard Sour Apple Liqueur
50 ml Pinot Noir red wine


I use 25ml of homemade baking spice syrup but uploaded cinnamon as that's the closest.
Any light bodied, fruity red can be used for this, but a pinot noir is my favourite.


I was inspired by the New York sour but wanted to use autumnal flavours which pair brilliantly with Monkey 47 and bring out the really spiced notes.

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