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The Uber Gruber

By Mark Ridley

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A flaming cinnamon stick. If you're afraid of setting important things alight while drinking, perhaps just go with a twist of orange you've torched with a lighter.

How to make:

Put the gin in a large mixing glass and STIR with ice until it is as cool as Hans (e.g. very cold). Strain back into a shaker or second glass to remove the ice. Add the Goldwasser, to preserve the flecks, stir to combine and pour vigorously into a chilled martini glass, exclaiming, "oh, look, gold!"

60 ml Monkey 47 gin
10 ml Danziger Goldwasser Liqueur
1 dried Cinnamon stick


This should be a crystal clear, sweet Martini with herbal notes and gold. Lots of gold. Goldwasser has rich cinnamon and liquorice flavours, while the gin also has cardamom and juniper. It's surprisingly complex for just two ingredients, but at the end of the day, it's a double gin with some herbs so be careful, it's quite lethal.

Serve in: Something stylish, suave, preferably looking disdainfully at you and reminiscent of the 80s. Probably a slightly oversized martini glass will do the trick, but be careful, they spill stuff everywhere.


A cocktail created in recognition of Alan Rickman's Die Hard character, Hans Gruber. It needed to be silky smooth, but with a German influence. The complex and herb-forward Monkey 47 was the inspiration for a spicier martini.

Because Die Hard is a canonically a Christmas movie, this cocktail was designed to offer some wintery spice. Keeping that German theme and adding a touch of heist drama, Goldwasser makes it a sweeter martini with a cinnamon kick that pairs beautifully with the Schwarzwald gin's botanicals.

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