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Winning Recipes

German 47

By simon kitchen

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German 47 image

Serve in a

Flute glass


Red grapefruit zest.

How to make:

Shake the gin, grapefruit juice and sugar with ice and fine strain to a flute, top up carefully with champagne.

45 ml Monkey 47 gin
15 ml Grapefruit juice (ruby red)
1 barspoon Powdered sugar (white sugar ground in mortar and pestle)
75 ml Brut champagne or sparkling wine


This also works with pink grapefruit. I lowered the sugar slightly as grapefruit is less sour than lemon. The Monkey 47 really shines through and is complemented by the bitterness of the grapefruit. Simple, clean and dangerously quaffable.


Inspired by the classic French 75

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