Banatinez image 1


Photography by Jon Wah

By Oscar Butler
at Maybe Mae


  • 60 ml Adelaide Gin
  • 15 ml Antica Formula sweet vermouth
  • 5 ml Homemade vanilla dry vermouth - (Dolin Dry)
  • 7.5 ml Homemade banana soaked brandy - (bartender's cut)
  • Walnut oil - single drop pippeted atop the drink
  • Dehydrated banana chip garnish

The creator says: "What initially started out as an exploratory riff on the classical 'Poet's Dream'; has since evolved into a rich and delicious homage to the Martini's older brother, the Martinez.

The award winning flavours of Australian Distilling Co's Adelaide Gin create the perfect backdrop for a flavoursome slow sipper, that brings just enough of its own creativity to the table to tempt even the neatest of whiskey drinkers. The Banatinez (bah-nah-tee-nez) brings across the quintessential flavour profile of a Martinez, with the vanilla bean dry vermouth, and banana brandy providing a rich, complex palate, that substitutes maraschino and orange bitters, for a more rounded, smoother drink. The walnut oil pairs with the flavour profiles of the banana brandy and accentuates the velvety texture of the drink with every sip."

Australian Distilling Co.

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