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Photography by Jon Wah

By Pankaj
at Merrymaker Rooftop Bar


  • 50 ml Adelaide Gin
  • 25 ml Adelaide Hills Dry vermouth
  • 30 ml Ginseng
  • 25 ml Adelaide Gin infused with lemon thyme

The creator says: "Citro tulsi is a unique combination of Adelaide Gin locally produced vermouth with Korean ginseng and lemon thyme infusion.

Citro TULSI has a unique fragrance of lemon thyme and tastes of a classic Martini which makes this concept unique and rare where you can taste all ingredients with the first sip, and it is the one and only cocktail which separates each flavour and gives a sensational experience.

Garnish for this cocktail is Holy Basil(Tulsi) which is a very popular ancient herb in India.This unique herb has a lot of benefits in our daily life, for example it helps to purify the water, is a good mouth freshener and improves the immune system etc.

The name of this cocktail comes from two different herbs; first is lemon thyme known as citrus thyme and second is holy basil known as TULSI in India. That's why I call it Citro Tulsi."

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