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Photography by Jon Wah

By Damon Memen
at Bank Street Social


  • Australian Distilling Co. Shiraz Gin
  • Pineapple shrub
  • Strawberry & lime leaf tea
  • Lemon juice

The creator says:"Ever since I started bartending I've always had a love for flavoured gins, with the ADC Shiraz as my all time favourite, I jumped at the chance to craft an amazing cocktail with it.

My inspiration was to create a drink that I could have with my grandad, an avid lover of sherbet candy, whom ironically doesn't like gin. I have since nearly finished a bottle with him in testing, safe to say I've changed the man. Taking nostalgia from the candy and my love for teas, championing the gins flavours, I've made a cocktail worthy to relax next to someone who inspires me daily."

Australian Distilling Co.

Status: Operational
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Website: Australian Distilling Co.
Address: 25 North Terrace, Hackney, South Australia, 5069
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