Originals Competition
Originals Competition

The Originals Competition

Australian Distilling Co. has shone a spotlight on Adelaide's bar scene through their inaugural Originals Cocktail Competition. This celebrates great cocktails and the bartenders who created them.

The competition's winner, Dan Hayward Jarmyn says of his Feijoan Winter cocktail, "This drink is my ode to winter and a salute to memories of my childhood and the feijoa tree in the backyard. It's a combination of unique flavours to be enjoyed and savoured by the fire."

Dan's cocktail secured him the $5,000 prize as well as 10 litres of Australian Distilling Co.'s Adelaide Gin for his bar. It was selected from 16 finalists during the competition's thrilling final at Bank Street Social in June 2022.

Dan's and the other 15 finalists' cocktails can be viewed by clicking on the images below:

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