The Last Ember

The Last Ember image 1

The Last Ember

Photography by Jon Wah

By Trent O'Driscoll
at Therapy Cocktail Bar

The Last Ember

  • 60 ml Adelaide Gin
  • 22.5 ml Quandong mead
  • 1/2 Davidson plum (muddled)
  • 1 x Sunrise lime (halved and muddled)
  • 10 ml Rose water
  • 2 drops Plum bitters

The creator says: "Bringing the most unique elements of the Australian terrain, salt bush views, and bone dry earth wreathed in a crash of fire and ocean. Kangaroo island was the focal point of the world when it set on fire. This drink casts a light on the dance between fire, the ocean, and the earth."

Australian Distilling Co.

Status: Operational
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Website: Australian Distilling Co.
Address: 25 North Terrace, Hackney, South Australia, 5069
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