Vestal Martini

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Vestal Martini

Photography by Jon Wah

By Michael Papez
at Stem Bar & Restaurant

Vestal Martini

  • 45 ml Australian Distilling Co. Shiraz Gin
  • 15 ml Hughes & Hughes Riveaux Road Vermouth
  • 30 ml Marsanne/Rousanne white wine blend from Rhone

The creator says: "The drink's name comes half from the Vesper Martini with which it shares specs but also because of the idea that where shiraz (syrah) is most notably grown is in northern Rhone in France, and the appellation (aoc) in which all my ingredients can be found is St-Joseph where they grow mainly syrah and white blends of marsanne and rousanne.

St Joseph is said to be the 'most chaste' and the patron saint of virgins/purity, so this drink is called the Vestal Martini in a nod to that and to the appellation in France."

Australian Distilling Co.

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