Leerdam Crisal Glass, the new name of two of the most established European glassmakers; the Royal Dutch Glassworks, based in Leerdam and the Portuguese Crisal, based in Marinha-Grande.

In recent years, they sold their glass drinkware under the Libbey brand, but in the summer of 2022 they split as a European entity from US-based Libbey Glass LLC to continue to make and sell their iconic glassware under their own new, but historic brand name, ONIS.

ONIS = new brand. Same glass!

Names of glassware ranges recognisable to bartenders across Europe and beyond, such as SPKSY (Speakeasy), 1924, Hobstar, Gats and many others previously sold under the Libbey brand are made by Leerdam Crisal Glass and will now be sold under the ONIS brand. So as our friends at Leerdam Crisal Glass say, "new brand, same glass!"

Nairi Mehrabi, Marketing Director at Leerdam Crisal Glass says, "By launching a new brand, we celebrate a new start together with the professionals. The industry knows us for the Glassology Design Contest and for always having the right glassware. Some of the most famous glass ranges such as SPKSY, 1924, Hobstar, Gats, and many others have become industry icons."

There are many glassware companies that design glasses but have them manufactured by others. Relatively few are designed, made and sold by glassmakers with their own kilns and factory. With a shared heritage dating back to the 18th century, Leerdam Crisal Glass is proudly one of the few such glassmakers.

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Royal Leerdam dates back to 1765 as a bottle-blowing company, known at the time as "De Zwarthut." As its range expanded and its business diversified, in 1891, its name was changed to "NV. Glasfabriek Leerdam." Dutch designers, such as A. D. Copier, joined the company and, together with Dutch Vintners Association, created the iconic "Gilde" range, which is still popular today. In 1953, on its 75th anniversary, Queen Juliana, the Dutch queen, honoured the company so creating the historical brand "Royal Leerdam."

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Crisal was founded in 1944, in Alcobaça, with the purpose of producing crystal chandeliers and domestic glassware. Soon after, its range of products was extended with the introduction of two of its most iconic glasses to date, "Galão" and "Bar." Later, in 1970, a new factory was built in Marinha Grande and was greatly expanded to accommodate automatic production, becoming Portugal's first and only automated glass producer. Its products were traded under the brands "Crisal Glass" and "Onis," being the latter now reinvented to become the iconic brand for the Professional.

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