Where most cocktail competitions challenge bartenders to create unique cocktail recipes, the Glassology Design Contest by ONIS glassware challenges bartenders to use their creativity and knowledge to design an iconic and unique glass.

After being postponed in spring 2020 the Glassology Design Contest is back for its third edition, challenging bar professionals from around the globe to create the world's next iconic glass and have it produced by ONIS. Bartenders and mixologists worldwide are invited to design glassware that complements their cocktails and enhances the drinking experience.

The contest begins in February 2023 as contestants submit their initial designs. In early summer, semi-finalists will be announced and travel to the Leerdam Crisal Glass plants, in Portugal and The Netherlands, to finalize their concepts and learn about glassmaking alongside Onis marketing and design experts. Then, in November, in Greece, the six finalists will present their glass at the final, with the winner announced during the acclaimed Athens Bar Show. The winning design will be taken into production and sold globally by Onis.

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Many of ONIS' most successful ranges owe their origin to this competition and the bartenders whose creativity led to their design. These include the Tulip Punch Bowl, The Gats, 1924 and Divergence.

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