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Kate Gerwin from the USA wins Glassology By Onis Design Contest 2023 with her glass design, The Glitch.

Where most cocktail competitions challenge bartenders to create unique cocktail recipes, the Glassology Design Contest by Onis Glassware challenges bartenders to use their creativity and knowledge to design an iconic and special glass.

The contest began in February 2023, with contestants submitting their initial designs. In early summer, 24 semi-finalists from 19 different countries were announced. They then travelled to the Leerdam Crisal Glass plants in Portugal and The Netherlands to finalize their concepts and learn about glassmaking alongside Onis marketing and design experts.

The finalists

In September, After an exciting journey of five months, packed with research, workshops, and fine-tuning, an international panel of judges gathered to select the six finalists which stood out due to their concept, design, storytelling, and match with Onis values.

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The final

The final was held on the 6th of November in Athens, Greece, with the six finalists presenting their design and how it elevates the drinking experience, with a drink served in the replica of the glass they designed. After a tough judging session, the judges agreed that Kate Gerwin deserved the trophy, awarded the following day at the Athens Bar Show.

The inspiration for Kate's glass design, The Glitch, came from Eero Aarnio, a designer known for his unique and functional designs.

I am passionate about design which is different and playful, but at the same time functional. I love serving cocktails in a Collins glass with a clear, spherical ice cube. However, the standard cube can sometimes hide the cocktail's color. The Glitch's unique design allows the cube to slide down, preserving the drink's integrity and showcasing its vibrant colors.

Kate Gerwin

Kate, the owner of a multi-award-winning Happy Accidents bar in Albuquerque, California, is highly regarded in the drinks industry and was the first woman to win a world bartending championship. She was inducted into the Tales of the Cocktail Dames Hall of Fame 2015 and honoured as one of the world's most influential people in the Bar World in 2019. She is now also the first woman to win Glassology by ONIS design contest.

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Finalists and judges, Glassology Design Contest 2023


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