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Mihails Minckovskis

Hailing from Latvia where he is also based, Mihails Minckovskis (who goes by the nickname 'Misha') assumed his role as ONIS Global Brand Ambassador on 1st October 2022. He has an extraordinary professional background, a bachelor's degree in the hospitality business and experience as a business lounge executive.

Misha first made himself known to ONIS in 2018 when he competed in the second edition of the Glassology Design Contest and narrowly missed first place. with his Nature's Footprint design. The competition attracted 375 entries from 53 countries and of the just 24 finalists, Misha took second place.

His glass design was inspired by the fact that 70 percent of the earth is covered by sea, and glass is made from sand that comes from the sea. Misha incorporated the unique pattern Japanese Pufferfish leave in the sandy seabed in the base of his glass design. Like the fish, he obviously made an impression on the folk at ONIS.