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Many of the glasses in the Onis collection benefit from Xtratuff, a "super strengthening thermal after-process treatment" applied to the upper part of the glass (the most sensitive part of the glass), where the temperature of the glass quickly gets raised from room temperature to almost the melting point of about 650°C, followed by rapid cooling of the glass in a controlled manner.

This rapid heating and cooling process toughens the upper part of the glass so increasing its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Each glass can eventually break, but the difference between toughening only the upper part of the glass versus fully tempering lies in how the glass breaks. This is especially important in hospitality operations. When a fully tempered glass breaks, it explodes/shatters into many pieces that can potentially get in drinks, food, ice bins, etc. Hospitality personnel can lose a lot of time leaning up the glass pieces. Glasses with the Xtratuff treatment will break into fewer pieces, often bigger chunks or cracks in the glass, faster to clean up, resulting in more servings.

The Onis assortment includes several stackable designs, where the Xtratuff treatment is an added value to deal with the rigors of daily life behind the bar. Xtratuff tumbler ranges: Modern America tumblers, TarQ, LinQ, Brooklyn, Endeavor, Everest, Winchester, Inverness, to name a few.

In the course of 2023, the European-produced glasses, previously branded Libbey Duratuff®, will be replaced by Onis Europe – Xtratuff.


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