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Rhum Clément's history

The story of Clément Rum starts in 1887 when Homère Clément, a physician and mayor of Le François, purchased the prestigious 43-hectare sugar plantation, Domaine de L'Acajou. He pioneered Rhum Agricole, a contemporary style of pure rum made directly from fresh free-run sugarcane juice, instead of the traditional rum made from molasses.

1917 - Homère Clément built a new distillery to fulfil the demand for alcohol during the first World War.

1923 - After the death of Homère Clément, his son, Charles Clément took over the business. Charles is credited with perfecting his family's rhum agricole production after studying distillation at the famous Louis Pasteur School in France. It was Charles Clément who first bottled rhum agricole in Martinique. Charles Clément was the first to export bottles of Martinique rhum agricole and built an important market in France.

1940 - The Clément brand of rum was launched and publicity to support the brand started.

1973 - Charles Clément is succeeded by his sons, Georges-Louis, Jean-José and Marcel-André – the third generation to run the distillery. Georges-Louis looks after production while his brothers work on building export markets in Europe, Central and South America and North America.

1986 - Rhum Clément is sold to the Hayot family but strong connections with the Clément family are maintained. The Hayot family invests in Rhum Clément with the building of new aging cellars, a reception for tourists, art galleries and a tasting room for visitors.

1991 - The French-American summit with presidents Bush and Mitterrand is held at the end of the Gulf War with Habitation Clément as a venue.

1996 - Martinique Rhum Agricole gains the Denomination of Controlled Origin (AOC).

2001 - Clément Canne Bleue is launched

Rhum Clément

Status: Operational
Established: 1887
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Tel: +596 596 54 62 07
Website: Rhum Clément
Address: Habitation Clément, Domaine de l’acajou, Le François, 97240
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