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The Spirit of Saint Lucia

Bounty, "The Spirit of Saint Lucia" was established in 1972 as the principle rum brand of St. Lucia Distillers and is by far the best-selling rum brand on the island of Saint Lucia.

Like so many islands in the Caribbean, when sugar was introduced to Saint Lucia in the late 1700s it revolutionised society, first with African slave labourers, and later, Indian indentured labourers - brought to the island to tend the labour-intensive crop. These forced workers formed the majority population, becoming the primary consumers of the island's rum, which was produced by the many small plantation distilleries from molasses, the by-product of their sugar production.

Over the centuries that followed sugar production boomed, driving the economy of Saint Lucia and the wider Caribbean, that was until European-grown sugar beet entered the market and due to the reduced shipping costs, stole much of the European market.

By the 1950s only two distilleries remained on Saint Lucia, one operated by Geest, the Dutch banana company, and the other one in Dennery owned by the Barnard Family. The Barnards, who had originally settled on the island in the 1830s, established their distillery in 1931 to make rum from their extensive sugar estates. The rise in European sugar beet eventually forced the end of sugar production on Saint Lucia, so in 1972 the Barnards entered into a joint venture with Geest Industries and moved their operations from their old 'Dennery Distillery' to Geest's 'Roseau Bay Distillery' in the beautiful Roseau Valley, the company's present location, to form St. Lucia Distillers, the makers of Bounty Rum.

Bounty Rum, "The Spirit of Saint Lucia" was established in 1972 as the principal brand of St. Lucia Distillers, a brand that captures and conveys the island's conviviality and qualities, which stem from Saint Lucia's traditional cultural roots. Bounty Rum is the heart and soul of the island's Carnival and St. Lucia Distillers also brings a Lucian vibe and vivacity to London's Notting Hill Carnival.

Domestically, Bounty Rum dominates the rum trade and is particularly strong in small bars and neighbourhood rum shops which are serviced by a network of van salespeople who ensure no one is left dry.