Sonoma Syrup Company


PO Box 819
United States

Status: Operational

Established: 2002

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: +1 707 996 4070

Sonoma Syrups are the creation of Karin Campion, a residential architect and keen amateur chef, who, in the summer of 2002 began marketing Meyer Lemon syrup, a flavoured syrup she originally created at home to sweeten cold black tea. The Williams-Sonoma chain took up her products and today they are among the retailer’s top forty lines.

Karin works with a food technologist, Mark Caporale, who helps translate her home creations into quantities suitable for production at Wine Country Kitchens in Napa.

The syrups are flavoured with fresh ingredients rather than essences and, although made without preservatives such as benzoate, are shelf-stable for one year. They should be stored in the same way as honey, without refrigeration which may cause clouding and separation.

No.0 ‘Classic Simple Syrup’ made with cane sugar and a hint of vanilla.
No.1 ‘Meyer Lemon Infused’ with fresh California Meyer lemon juice abd zest.
No.2 ‘Mint Infused’ with natural spearmint leaves.
No.3 ‘Lavender Infused’ with Matanzas Creek Sonoma grown lavender flowers.
No.4 ‘Vanilla Bean Infused’ with Madagascar vanilla bean seeds.
No.5 ‘Cinnamon Infused’ with Chinese and Vietnamese cassia cinnamon.
No.6 ‘Tangerine Infused’ with fresh California tangerine juice.
No.7 ‘Peppermint Infused’ with fresh peppermint leaves. Produced seasonally with limited supply.
No.8 ‘Pomegranate Syrup’ ‘natural grenadine’ with Californian pomegranate juice.
No.9 ‘Lime Infused’ with fresh Persian and Key lime juices.
No.10 ‘White Ginger Infused’ with Hawaiian white ginger.

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