Maker's Mark Distillery


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Status Operational
Established: 1953
Visitor Policy: Visitors welcome throughout the year
Tel: +1 270 865 2099
Maker’s Mark is the only bourbon distillery producing just one Brand of Bourbon. The original 'premium' bourbon, Maker’s Mark has been lovingly built by three generations of the Samuels family. However, the family’s distilling roots stretch back eleven generations. (See History) At the time of its launch, Maker’s Mark was sold at a premium price to other bourbons then on the market. Initially, as an extended age statement did not justify its price position, it was a difficult sale. In fact the bottle had no age statement on it at all. It might not flaunt it, but Maker’s Mark is aged for around a year longer than the four year minimum and it is no overstatement to say that Bill Samuels Senior established the premium bourbon category. Maker's Mark is one of the few American whiskeys to be spelled, ‘whisky’ without an ‘e’. Apparently the official American spelling is ‘whisky’ but the historic American spelling of ‘whiskey’ is tolerated and practically all other American distillers spell theirs with the "e". Marker’s Mark spelling without the ‘e’ celebrates the Samuels family’s Scottish heritage.


3350 Burks Spring Road
United States

One of the reasons Bill Samuels Senior decided on the old Burks Spring Distillery was its perfect location due to the natural limestone springs on the distilleries land. One such spring lies close to the Maker’s Mark distillery and thanks to the construction of a dam this now feeds a 10-acre lake from which the water used for distillation is drawn. Contamination of the precious iron free calcium rich water by nearby farmers using insecticides is prevented by Maker’s Mark owning some 600 acres of land around the distillery and water source, most of which is left wild as a nature reserve.