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For all the global finalists, not only the winner, the Patrón Perfectionists experience has continued far beyond their week in Mexico.

At the Tel Aviv Cocktail Week, Patrón was very much in attendance as they reunited some of the global finalists to join them in presenting a series of Patrón experiences, while also supporting this inaugural cocktail week, founded by Omer Gazit-Shalev, the 2017 winner of the Israeli Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition.

Those with a TLVCW wristband could enjoy cocktails from a line up of participating bars – Double Standard, Jasper Johns, Norman Library Bar, Spicehaus, La Otra, 223, Garnish, Aria and many others. At some of these bars, Patrón Tequila and the Patrón Perfectionists bartenders hosted exciting collaborations, including:

From Hamburg to Dizengoff – Germany’s Patrón Perfectionist winner and former fashion extraordinaire, Dirk Guldner of Le Lion in Hamburg partnered with Israeli fashion boutique, Arketa. A one-day-only pop-up hit the infamous street of Dizengoff, with fashionable Patrón Tequila cocktails served by Dirk. In addition, Dirk partnered with celebrity chef, Or Ginsberg, and hosted a one of a kind dinner in Seleas at the Flea Market

The Rosewood meets the NormanGreg Almeida, UK Patrón Perfectionist winner and Head Bartender of London’s iconic Scarfes Bar in the Rosewood Hotel hosted a guest shift at the acclaimed Library Bar at the Norman Hotel. Greg crafted a selection of cocktails from Scarfes Bar’s new menu alongside his UK Patrón Perfectionist winning cocktail, all accompanied by the Norman’s live music

Late night Bartenders’ BrunchNathalie Durrieu, the French Patrón Perfectionist winner brought the flair of Le Refuge bar in Paris to Jasper Johns in Tel Aviv to host a late-night brunch with tacos and Patrón Bloody Marias for Tel Aviv’s vibrant bartender community

Tiki comes to Tel Aviv – Tiki-inspired Patrón Tequila cocktails were served up by Canadian mixologist and Patrón Perfectionist national winner, Makina Lynn, who brought a taste of her bar, YYC to Tel Aviv

We'll be bringing you more updates of the experiences of the Patrón Perfectionists during their winning year. In the meantime, here's a taster of their winning week in Mexico - a trip of a lifetime.

Day One: Sunday

The competitors arrived and met each other for the first time. Over a Mexican brunch the bonding had already begun. A relaxed afternoon included a sightseeing trip of Guadalajara which inevitably ended with a bottle of tequila being shared in a traditional cantina.

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The evening started with a visit to see Mike McGinty, the 2016 Patrón Perfectionist Winner working a guest shift in one of the leading local bars where he presented last year’s winning cocktail and a couple of his other signature Patrón drinks. The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner.

Day Two: Monday

We met Pado Padilla at his ceramic workshop in the picturesque town of Tlaquepaque. Pado has designed the global Patrón Perfectionist trophy so it was fascinating to meet him in person and for him to demonstrate how his creations come to life.

producers 68 image

Agave paper making, followed by lunch, and a visit to the shop with the Guinness Book of Records for Largest Selection of Tequila in the World. Bags bulging, we then boarded Patrón’s luxurious coach for the tip to Hacienda Patrón. Here we were given a warm Mexican welcome by Master Distiller, Francisco Alcaraz and Director of Production Antonio Rodriguez, CMO Lee Applebaum. We were also welcomed to La Casona, the 20-room 5-star hotel-like guest house which sits opposite the distillery – our home for the next four nights.

producers 16 image

Day Three: Tuesday

A jam-packed day of tequila education stared in the agave fields where we were given a masterclass on agave in general and Patrón's requirements.

producers 98 image

Lunch was both a restful break and an experience – served in the open air overlooking a stadium were highly skilled vaqueros demonstrated their horsemanship. Some of the competitors then also took to the saddle and demonstrated theirs.

producers 72 image

The afternoon was spent at Hacienda Patrón where we were given an educational tour of the distillery. We through each step of the production process, from the horno ovens to the two different shredding processes (tahona and roller mill), fermentation, distillation and bottling. (Predictably, we’ve an in-depth write-up on Patrón’s production process).

producers 77 image

Day Four: Wednesday

The semi-finals! A full-day of presentations and judging for the 17 semi-finalists. Take a look at their recipes here .

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Day Five: Thursday

The Grand Final!