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Jigger Beaker Glass is taking a short break and will be back with a brand new tour which will be announced in April 2019.

Inspired by Charles H Baker's 1939 inspirational travel drinks book Around the world with Jigger Beaker and Flask, in 2017 Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands (BBFB) started its first year-long UK tour of industry workshops and seminars which celebrated the latest drinks innovations. Building on the success of that tour, the 2018 tour kicked off in Glasgow.

BBFB’s aim is to educate and share knowledge and ideas in an entertaining way, just as Baker did in his seminal tomb, in which he wrote:

“Between these covers is first fruit of twenty-one years of international field work in club, hotel and private society around much of the known world." "You'll find them all here, all the famous ones, and more besides that are now accepted and granted brief through long local usage and tradition. Here are the Raffles Gin Sling from far off Singapore, Seaholm and Gerber's Tiger's Milk from the historic Wogons-Lits in the Peking Legation Quarter. The proven Gimlet of India and South China the unpredictable Balloon Cocktail from Calcutta's smartest restaurant named Firpo's; the truly magnificent Million Dollar as mixed by the genius Saito at the Imperial in Tokyo; the impeccable Gin Fizz Spécial of Aziz Effendi, monitor of the one and only Winter Palace at Loucqsor, in Egypt - yes, all these are here."

"All of these are here, and many many more of varying size and type together with authentic ways of manufacturing bitters, syrups, stone bottle ginger beers, which have been well proven by tests of time and peoples."

It's a compelling offering and a great read. BBFB have brought Charles H Baker's book to life with modern content by inviting some of the industry's most thought-provoking leaders to takeover some of the UK's most prestigious bars where they will share their wealth of experience and knowledge to an audience that could include you.

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