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The 2018 Jigger Beaker Glass tour will demystify three themes: The Future Of Mixed Drinks, The Science Of Flavour and Sustainability, with different sessions exploring each theme over three sessions:
1. Jigger - A test of skills
2. Beaker - A measure of success
3. Glass – Live drinks making showcase

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1. The Future Of Mixed Drinks

Jigger: Get Busy With The Fizzy - A study of carbonation, from bottled cocktails to tap-tails in collaboration with Craig Harper.
Beaker: Change, the only constant. A debate on how drinks consumption has changed past, present and future with industry pioneers and trend forecasters Craig Harper, Remy Savage, Tristan Stephenson and Jane Ryan.
Glass - Remy Savage demonstrates three drinks that reflect current and future trends

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2. The Science of Flavour

Jigger: 101 On Apparatus - Understanding how to, and when to use scientific techniques within cocktails. With Greg Almeida and Chris Moore.
Beaker - The UK Advocacy team will take us through what happens when we taste, how this can be manipulated and how far can we push what our senses perceive.
Glass - Greg and Chris demonstrate three drinks using different techniques

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3. Sustainability

Jigger: Trash To Cash - How can you turn mass waste into mass money – a hands on approach to garnishes and prep with Super Lyan and the BBFB Advocacy Team.
Beaker - The Super Lyan team led by Ryan Chetiyawardana and Simon Difford discuss the concept of sustainability, our understanding of it, and how the small steps we can collectively take can make a big difference.
Glass - Three drinks that reflect sustainable practice.

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