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The 2019 Soho House Cocktail Cup is open for entries from any team of bartenders working in any bar or restaurant in the Soho House Group internationally.

The finalists will compete head-to-head at the global final in October, for the chance to win:

  • A VIP trip to the home of Woodford Reserve in Kentucky, USA where they will see first-hand how the whiskey is made.
  • A party for their entire bar team. You’ve seen how guests can party, now it could be your turn.
  • We’ll also feature the winners on this website and of course you (it could be you) will have bragging rights of being the proud holders of The Soho House Cocktail Cup.

How does it work?

As some of you will already know by my visits to your bars, I (Simon Difford) am a Soho House fan and so I was excited to be invited by Tom Kerr to judge this competition, particularly as he’s come up with a format that’s brilliantly suited to your bars.

It takes teamwork for a bar to operate harmoniously so we’re inviting you to join forces as a team to compete against other houses to bring The Soho House Cocktail Cup back to your bar to proudly display, and to win a celebratory party for all your team. We want you all to pull together as a team then for your bar manger to select three to join them to present the cocktails you and your team have created.

This year the theme of the competition is ‘House Identity’.

In all my visits to Soho House bars around the world I’ve been struck by how familiar they feel, and yet each has its own distinctive personality. The familiar part is sensing I’m at home and knowing I’m going to enjoy great drinks and service. What makes each different is harder to define, being particular to each houses’ identity, location and personality of the team there.

Whether you’re from laid-back Miami Beach House, hipster Shoreditch House, chic Cecconis in Barcelona, or anywhere else, you help to define your House’s identity through your cocktails, your team spirit and engagement with your guests.

We’d like to see your House identity come to life through the following three cocktails :

Low Alcohol / Low Sugar - in an age where people are becoming more health conscious, it's good to offer your guests low sugar and low alcohol options. Sugar is key to the balance of many cocktails so think about sugar alternatives such as honey, sweetener or even sweet botanicals such as liquorice. Alcohol is a great carrier of flavour yet a host of traditional Italian aperitivos demonstrate how flavoursome low alcohol cocktails can be.

Coffee - the popularity of the Espresso Martini has helped drive a trend towards coffee cocktails. You may want to produce a riff on Dick Bradsell's original, or create something completely different such as a coffee flavoured long drink.

Inspired by a House member - a drink created for one of your favourite House members. What’s unique about him or her and how can you reflect this in a cocktail which is tailor-made just for them. Many of the enduring classic cocktails were originally made for a particular guest, and it is that guest that helped make these drinks famous. E.g. Hanky Panky for Ada Coleman, Hemingway Daiquiri, and Mary Pickford.


1. All three cocktails must contain primary ingredients from the Bacardi Martini portfolio (the brands either below or right depending on whether you’re reading this on a phone or laptop). This year, at least one drink from your three submitted recipes must include Woodford Reserve.

2. You’ll need to submit 3 photos – one of each of the three cocktails. (Photos taken on your phone are fine.)

3. Please also create and submit a short iPhone or equivalent video of the team presenting your 3 cocktails and the inspiration behind them. We’re looking for creative presentations, so go to town.

4. Drinks will be judged on the Soho House principles of simplicity, consistency, speed and flavour.

5. You must submit your 3 recipes, 3 photos and video to Soho House Cocktail Cup by 31st July 2019.

Judging process

During August, a panel of judges from the Soho House and Bacardi teams will visit you in your venue for the initial round of judging. Then in September, after all competing bars have been visited and drinks tasted, I will personally select the five teams who’ll go on to battle it out at the Soho House Cocktail Cup final in October – based on last year this will be a fabulous event in itself but is not the prize. Remember, the winning bar team will receive:

  • A VIP trip to Woodford Reserve distillery, Kentucky, USA.
  • A party for the entire bar team.
  • Fame – a winning team will be interviewed for a special feature on Difford’s Guide and promoted across diffordsguide.com and on social media.
  • Bragging rights and The Soho House Cocktail Cup to display proudly on their bar.

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