1800 Visionaries1800 Visionaries

What are the judges looking for?

The winning concept must be original and innovative. Start pinning ideas on a mood board, anything from ways to improve comfort and safety behind the stick to minimising ice cube waste to providing employment opportunities for the under-privileged in your local community. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to people about what they would like to see happen. Get talking to your regulars who may have witnessed our industry progress, what kind of improvements have they seen first-hand and what more can they envisage?

So, really, the question is how can you improve the industry? What concepts can you come up with that can develop and progress our environment and community for the better? Maybe you already know the answer.

The Tahona Society co-founder Dré Masso says to take a look at the industry. “What other projects are you aware of out there. Look at your environment… what’s badly designed that you could improve. A new bar design that’s better for your back? Footwear to improve your posture? Now, it’s over to you. Submit an idea. Spread the word.”

We say, get inspired. Your concept must relate to at least one of the following five categories: