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Status Operational
Established: 1924
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Tel: +30 2384 022286
Established in 1924, Melissanidi Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Greece and remains in fami-ly ownership, now run by the third generation of the Melissanidis family.


Industrial Area Of Aridaia
584 00

Why would a distiller specialized in traditional products decide to produce a gin?

One of the reasons is purely practical. The production of gin requires the same distilling means, and follows essentially the same process, except for the basic herb: in ouzo we use anise, in gin we use juniper.

Additionally, there is another important parameter. Although gin is a drink which originates from Great Britain, it is essentially international, because it can be produced literally anywhere, with excellent, high-quality results.

Finally, it's a drink we love to enjoy, on the rocks, or in one of the many famous cocktails that have gin as their base ingredient.

Why Mediterranean?

The product's definition as Mediterranean emerged almost self-evidently when we saw that, in choosing the best raw materials from each region, we were always moving within the coasts of the Mediterranean sea. And when the final choice was made, we realized that it was, after all, a genuine Mediterranean product almost by definition. So, it would be quite safe to say that the definition "Mediterranean" chose us, rather than vice versa.

What does the product's name, Mataroa, mean?

The word Mataroa comes from New Zealand. Besides its other meanings in the Maori language, it is also a toponym, meaning long cape. However, it is not merely an 'eccentric' name: Mataroa was a historic entity, a New Zealand ship that made some very important voyages within the Mediterranean Sea in the 1940s. This version inspired the creation of the gin and its Mediterranean, savoury trip.

What kind of botanicals and herbs are you using?

Its 12 botanicals come from 11 Mediterranean countries - one from each country, and two ingredients from France: Juniper Berries (Croatia), Angelica Root and Lavender (France), Coriander Seeds (Tunisia), Orris Root (Italy), Bay Leaf (Syria), Licorice (Turkey), Orange Peels (Spain), Lemon Peels (Egypt), Mandarin Peels (Morocco), Chamomile (Cyprus), and of course, unique Greek Mastic from the mastic trees of South Chios.

Describe the production stages (raw materials, distillation, herbs, how to flavour gin)

The first phase is, of course, the selection of the best raw materials with the most stringent criteria. We then proceed to extract the juniper aromas for a few hours in a hydro-alcoholic solution, while the other ingredients are placed in a special basket made of copper. The fragrances of the other ingredients are obtained by the process of vapour infusion, and all the ingredients are combined according to our recipe, giving the final result.

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What other products do you produce?

Besides Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin, the distillery's portfolio includes Ouzo and Tsipouro Archon-tiko.

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