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Happy Birthday Cherry Heering liqueur! In 2018, this venerable liqueur and bartender's staple celebrates its bi-centenary. Like Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal, Cherry Heering was created by a shopkeeper, Peter F Heering, who founded his small shop trading in Colonial goods in Copenhagen back in 1818 when aged 26.

By the 1920s and 30s, his liqueur, then called Cherry Cordial, was quickly growing in popularity with exports helped by ships captains who loaded the liqueur as part of their cargo when leaving the busy port of Copenhagen.

During cocktail's first heyday, Cherry Heering established itself as one of must stock classic liqueurs to grace the world's best bars, with cocktails such as the Blood & Sand featuring in the earliest and most important bartending tomes, a drink which first appeared in Harry Craddock's 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book.

Sadly, in the intervening years many lesser vintage liqueurs and spirits have disappeared as fashions and tastes have changed, but Cherry Heering has continued to thrive, an essential in many, if not all of today's World's 50 Best Bars.

Cherry Heering is one of those classic liqueur brands, like Chartreuse, that bartenders love and respect. Consequently, Adéle Robberstad, the charming modern-day custodian and driving force behind Cherry Heering boasts an unequalled address book of the world's most talented bartenders. Hence, when Adéle approached us with the idea of asking 100 of these bartenders to create a cocktail inspired by one of Cherry Herring's 200 years we jumped at the idea. This decision was made even easier by the seven respected drinks writers (see below) Adéle has assembled to interview and write biographies of these startenders.

So, over the course of 2018 we will be featuring 100 bartenders and their Cherry Herring cocktails. Those we have already uploaded (below) reads like a bartending who's who (click on names to read).

Tess Posthumus and 1825 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Arkadiusz Rybak and 1825 by Maggie Beale
Ciro Adriano de Georgio and 1829 by Ashley Pini
Lynnette Marrero and 1834 by Jenny Adams
Adrian Madio and 1835 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Evelyn Chick and 1841 by Jenny Adams
David Wondrich and 1851 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Devender Sehgal and 1853 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Renato Giovannoni and 1856 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Jimmy Barrat and 1857 by Fabio Bacchi
Ashish Sharma and 1858 by Maggie Beale
Salvatore Calabrese and 1861 by Ashley Pini
Alberto Martinez and 1862 by Ashley Pini
Rhys Wilson and 1863 by Ashley Pini
Maurizio Stocchetto and 1866 by Fabio Bacchi
Jon Smolensky and 1867 by Jenny Adams
Cris Dehlavi and 1870 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Leo Robitschek and 1876 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Nick Kobbernagel Hovind and 1882 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Sother Teague and 1885 by Maggie Beale
Gegam Kazarian and 1887 by Ashley Pini
Mika Koivula and 1887 by Hayden Wood
Marcio Silva and 1888 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Dale DeGroff and 1897 by Hayden Wood
Simon Ford and 1903 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Odd Strandbakken and 1906 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Gavin Liddle and 1908 by Hayden Wood
Monica Berg and 1913 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Joerg Meyer and 1914 by Ashley Pini
Lauren Mote and 1918 by Fabio Bacchi
Mattia Pastori and 1919 by Jenny Adams
Grant Sceney and 1920 by Jenny Adams
Erik Lorincz and 1921 by Ashley Pini
Alex Kratena and 1921 by Hayden Wood
Shingo Gokan and 1923 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Ms. Franky Marshall and 1925 by Hayden Wood
Christopher Lowder and 1930 by Ashley Pini
Lorenzo Antinori and 1931 by Maggie Beale
Alba Huerta and 1932 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Carlos Irizarry and 1937 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Darren Mynes and 1941 by Hayden Wood
Steve Schneider and 1942 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Jad Ballout and 1943 by Fabio Bacchi
Sullivan Doh and 1944 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Ludde Grenmo and 1945 by Jeff Morgenthaler
Pamela Wiznitzer and 1948 by Maggie Beale
Aki Wang and 1950 by Maggie Beale
Jamie Rhind and 1953 by Maggie Beale
Ivan Avellaneda and 1954 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Ana Maria Tarrus and 1955 by Fabio Bacchi
Sam Ross and 1956 by Jeff Morgenthaler
Thanos Prunarus and 1958 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Tony Abou-Ganim and 1960 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Ian Burrell and 1962 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Leonardo Leuci and 1962 by Fabio Bacchi
José Luis León and 1964 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Joe Schofield and 1966 by Maggie Beale
Bar Shira and 1967 by Fabio Bacchi
Diego Cabrera and 1969 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Philip Duff and 1971 by Maggie Beale
Tyson Buhler and 1971 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Gee David and 1973 by Hayden Wood
Aris Chatziantoniou and 1974 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Sean Kenyon and 1975 by Theodora Sutcliffe
James Irvine and 1977 by Jenny Adams
Quynh Nguyen and 1978 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Chris Grøtvedt and 1980 by Hayden Wood
Oron Lerner and 1983 by Fabio Bacchi
Uwe Christiansen and 1984 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Shawn Chong and 1986 by Maggie Beale
Kiki Moka and 1988 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Max Greco and 1989 by Hayden Wood
Ian Matthews and 1990 by Ashley Pini
Kamil Foltan and 1993 by Ashley Pini
Steve Olson and 1995 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Antonio Lai and 1997 by Jenny Adams
Daniele Dalla Pola and 1998 by Fabio Bacchi
Rogerio Igarashi Vaz and 1999 by Maggie Beake
Chris Hysted-Adams and 2002 by Hayden Wood
H. Joseph Ehrmann and 2003 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Din Hassan and 2005 by Jenny Adams
Giacomo Giannotti and 2006 by Ashley Pini
Gromit Eduardsen and 2009 by Ashley Pini
Julie Reiner and 2010 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Christine Wiseman and 2012 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Nikos Bakoulis & Vasilis Kyritsis and 2014 by Theodora Sutcliffe
Nico de Soto and 2015 by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Falil Jayah and 2016 by Fabio Bacchi
Luke Whearty and 2017 by Ashley Pini

Bi-centenary writers

Jenny Adams is a full-time freelance writer and photographer who lives in New York City half the year and in Southeast Asia the other half. She focuses mainly on cocktails, bars, food and the interesting humans she meets along the way, and her words and images have appeared in more than 50 publications, including National Geographic, Robb Report, Hemispheres and Conde Nast Traveler.

Ashley Pini was born in Sydney, grew up in England and studied in Hong Kong and New Zealand before starting a career teaching English around Europe. In the late nineties he started working at the National Publishing Group in Australia, working on liquor industry titles including National Liquor News, Australian Hotelier and the Australian Liquor Industry Awards (ALIA). In 2010 Ashley launched his own titles. First came the Explore Drinks series of publications, taking years of trade knowledge to the consumer in what has become an 8-part series of titles covering the drinks industry by category. Explore Whisky went on to be a best-seller with covers that have included celebrities such as George Clooney, Bob Hawke and Jennifer Hawkins.

Maggie Beale is Scottish, a UK national, world traveller, and resident in Hong Kong since 1987. A native English speaker, speaks Italian, Spanish and some French. Co-Publisher & Managing Editor of Bar Talk magazine since 2007, the free on-trade moral-boosting magazine for the F&B industry. President of the Wine Writers Circle Hong Kong. Organizer of seminars, product knowledge and mixologist competitions for Professional Bartenders in Hong Kong. Delegate Consultant to Hong Kong Bartenders Association and Association of Bartenders and Sommeliers in Macau.

Fabio Bacchi is Italian and has been in the bar industry for 30 years and has worked as Bar Manager for Starwood Luxury Collection encompassing bars such as Harry's Bar Venice and Cipriani London. He speaks five languages and runs The Spirit, the iconic bar in Milan. In 2013 he found the monthly bar magazine, BarTales, published both online and print in three different languages.

Hayden Wood has been writing about his traveling, mixing drinks, sipping wine, pulling beer and sinking cocktails for some 25 years. In 2002, he released his first home enthusiasts cocktail book titled The Liquid Kitchen - Groovy Drinks and has since published a succession of award winning wine, beer, coffee and food books. In 2009 and went on to become a producer in the US working on tour for the Food Network out of New York and LA and is now Creative Director of Drinks Network. Hayden says, “My journey has me drinking with genuine people in some of the most unlikely of places. Drinking for me is more than a discovery about what goes in the drink, more than just taste. Drinking is liquid social lubrication that's a canvas for a good tale.”

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is an award-winning bartender (2013 Nightclub and Bar's Bartender of the Year and 2016 Tales of the Cocktail's American Bartender of the Year) and author of the first book devoted entirely to cocktail technique, The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique (Tales of the Cocktail's Best Spirits and Cocktail Writer, 2016). He currently manages the James Beard Award-nominated bar program at Clyde Common (Tales of the Cocktail's Best American Hotel Bar, 2014), and the celebrated Pepe Le Moko; both are located in Portland, Oregon.

Theodora Sutcliffe has been writing about bars, booze and bartenders since she joined the publication then known as CLASS magazine last century. Besides Difford's Guide, you'll find her journalism on,, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Vice, National Geographic Traveler, Discover magazine, the upcoming Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails, and many other places. A Londoner for decades, she's now based in Bali, Indonesia, but remains a devotee of the Dick Bradsell Old-Fashioned.

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