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Cherry Heering is getting ready to celebrate its Bicentennial with the launch on 18th April 2017 of the Peter F. Heering Classics, 200th Anniversary Edition.

Bartenders around the world are invited to contribute to cocktail history by creating their version of a modern classic cocktail.


While the Sling Award focused purely on the Singapore Sling, one of the oldest classic cocktails featuring Cherry Heering, the Classic Challenge gives bartenders the opportunity to submit recipes based on a much wider repertoire. Based on the success of last year's competition it is back, with a new creative challenge!

Competitors are asked to select a classic cocktail and modernise it with their own twist, so demonstrating their talent, taste, personality and ability to harness Cherry Heering’s distinctive rich flavour.

Comprising four rounds, the competition concludes with ten global semi-finalists being flown to London for the grand final during London Cocktail Week 2018.

Round One (April-May 2017)

Modern Classic with a Twist

The first challenge is focused on the creation of the next Modern Classic cocktail, using Cherry Heering. Competitors will be asked to select one of their favourite classic cocktails and give it an unexpected twist.

The top 75% of competitors from each region will proceed to the next round. The regions are Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa, North America, Latin America and Australasia.

Round Two (October-November 2017)

Modern Classic in the Sky

New for this year! This round invites competitors to take their Modern Classic from Round One and simplify it so that it can be recreated with ease in the cabin of a plane. The Cherry Heering team advise that "simplicity is key" in this challenge and recommend the use of commercially available products.

Ten selected competitors from each region will proceed to Round Three.

Round Three (April-May 2018)

200 Years Celebration Cocktail

During Cherry Heering's Bicentennial year competitors will be asked to create a 200 Years Celebration Cocktail as a tribute to the brand and should be a drink which will stand the test of time.

Round Four (October 2018)

The Grand Finale

The top ten finalists who have succeeded in the previous rounds will be flown to London to compete one last time in the Global Final. They will also have the opportunity to experience London Cocktail Week 2018 and the World's 50 Best Bars event. Before the Global Final they will receive personal coaching from the judges, including our own Simon Difford.

The Prize

All ten finalists will be flown to London and receive a three night hotel stay during London Cocktail week and will be part of the Worlds 50 Best Bar Ceremony. The finalists will also be filmed for the Heering Legends series here on Difford's Guide, and promoted around the world.

The Grand Prize winner will be part of the 200 year Celebration of Cherry Heering during 2018, receive a Stelton shaker and a 3 stop-trip around the world to meet and learn from some of the best, behind the bars at some of the Worlds 50 Best Venues.

Enter Heering Classic Challenge here

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