Caorunn hand-delivered invitations to 500 carefully selected bartenders around the world giving them the opportunity to give a High Five to Gin by submitting a recipe to the Caorunn Cocktail Collection. From these, the following 120 cocktail recipes were selected according to 5 simple requirements:

  • Five ingredients
  • Caorunn as the dominant ingredient
  • Simple to make and easy to replicate
  • Contain ingredients which are easy to obtain
  • A maximum of one homemade ingredient

All recipes were also inspired by:

  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Caorunn's 11 botanicals
  • Apple (Coul Blush apple is one of Caorunn's 11 botanicals)
  • All-natural ingredients, no added sugar
  • Caorunn’s sense of Scottishness (urban, stylish, artistic, progressive, confident)