Debrise-Dulac et Cie


Route de Trouville

Status: Operational

Established: 1821

Owner: Pays d’Auge Finances

Capacity: Not supplied

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: +33 231 641 287

The Debrise-Dulac company, producer of the Père Magloire brand, was established in 1821 and by 1900 was the largest Calvados producer in France. In 1968 Debrise-Dulac was taken over by the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne house who continued to build the Père Magloire brand. In 1998 Debrise-Dulac was in turn purchased by an independent Normandy family group, Pays d'Auge Finances which now control around one-third of all calvados production.

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