Destilaria Maison Leblon


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Status Operational
Established: 2005
Owner: Bacardi Limited
Capacity: 650,000 litres
Visitor Policy: Visitors by appointment only
Tel: +55 34 3821 2161
Destilaria Maison Leblon lies in the fertile cachaça-producing Minas Gerais region of Brazil and is overseen by Master Distiller Carlos Oliveira.


Rodovia BR 365 mm 414,8
Caixa Postal 221
Patos de Minas
Minas Gerais

Hand-harvested sugar cane from nearby fields is pressed and the juice fermented for 20 to 24 hours. This is then distilled in an Alambique copper pot stills and the resulting distillate rested for up to six months in French oak ex-cognac casks. Batches are then blended and gently filtered prior to bottling.

Leblon is certified by the Instituto Mineiro de Agropecuária as an artisanal Cachaça de Alambique.

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