Sichuan Shui Jing Fang Co (Shui Jing Fang)

More about Sichuan Shui Jing Fang Co (Shui Jing Fang)

Status Operational
Established: Not supplied
Owner: Diageo plc
Capacity: Not supplied
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Tel: Not supplied
In 2011, Diageo Plc secured a controlling 53% stake of Sichuan Chengdu Quanxing Group Company Ltd (Quanxing), the largest shareholder of Sichuan Shuijingfang Co. Ltd. (ShuiJingFang), which in turn is the largest shareholder of Sichuan Shui Jing Fang Co. Ltd (Shui Jing Fang). The change of control of Quanxing required Diageo to make a MTO for the remaining 60.3% outstanding shares of Shui Jing Fang.



Shui Jing Fang baijiu raw material:
- Single-grain style: Sorghum
- Multi-grain style: Sorghum, rice, sticky rice, wheat and maize

▪ Qu used: Middle high temperature Da Qu (made by wheat, barley, beans, sorghum, yeast)
▪ Fermentation style: solid fermentation
▪ Fermentation facilities: clay pit
▪ Fermentation time: 60-90 days
▪ Processing characteristics: Use high quality grains as raw materials and traditional Chinese Spirit Qu as saccharification-fermenting agents, continue solid fermentation in clay pit, combine cooking grain and distillation in one go, then conducting the storage/maturation(over 5 years) and blending processes.