Fabbri Orzata (Orgeat) Mixybar Syrup

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Produzido por: Fabbri 1905
UK distribution by: E.F.G. Food Service (Essex Flour & Grain Co.)


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Vintage: Non-vintage

Envelhecimento: Unaged

Produzido por: Product of Italy Italy

Sugar syrup flavoured with a sweet variety of Italian almonds and other flavourings.

Avaliação e degustação

Experimentado em 17/10/2016


Opaque, grey milky with very faint green tinge.


Pungent marzipan, toasted almond, almond milk and coconut macaroon.


Creamy syrupy mouthfeel. Intense marzipan, toasted almond and meringue. Very sweet.


Long lingering marzipan, icing sugar and meringue.

No geral:

Very much more intense in almond flavour than some other, lesser orgeat syrups.

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