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This very British of gins is a natural extension for William Chase, the creator of Tyrrells potato crisps, Chase Potato Vodka and GB Gin, especially given that Chase also brew and bottle Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar on the same Herefordshire farm which houses their distillery. Leia mais

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Experimentado em 01/04/2018


Crystal clear.


Piney juniper, faint notes of overripe banana, nose tingling salt & vinegar, subdued black pepper and nutty angelica.


Fairly classic juniper forward London dry gin in style with surprisingly subtle salt & vinegar notes – not nearly as pronounced as the nose prepares you for.


Although the salt & vinegar flavour is subtle, like a bag of potato crisps, as the long lingering flavour fades so you are compelled to start all over again with another mouthful.

No geral

Given that 1. Chase GB gin is made with potato spirit, 2. Chase make Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar, and 3. William Chase used to make Tyrrells crisps, all on the same Herefordshire potato farm, if anybody could make a great salt & vinegar gin it’s William Chase. This salt & vinegar gin reminds me of Hamburger Gin

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