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Ru-Yi Knot

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Taça Coupe...
polegada Pepino inglês descascado
fl oz Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum (37.5%)
fl oz Suco fresco de Limão Siciliano
1 fl oz Suco de tomate
1 fl oz *Ingrediente especial #1 (veja abaixo)
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Como fazer:

MUDDLE cucumber in base of shaker. Add other ingredients, shake with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.

Special ingredient #1: Homemade syrup with mint tea


Black pepper & fresh cucumber


“As a birthday gift to my ex-girlfriend, I was inspired to create this cocktail to wish her happiness and fortune, the blessings represented in the traditional Chinese handicraft 'Ru-Yi Knot'. BACARDÍ Carta Blanca is the perfect base to blend all the ingredients together and bring out the unique flavour; I used homemade mint tea syrup, tomato juice, lemon juice and black pepper to represent the sweetness and bitterness of life. I hope everyone who tries this cocktail will not only be touched by its layered taste like a life story, but will also be blessed in the future.”


Chinese BACARDÍ Legacy 2013 winning drink created by Yao Zong “Foxyie” Huang, Bar The Soul, China.

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