Caipirinha (no added sugar & low-calorie)

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Copo Highball
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Copo Highball


Stirrer (spoon, wooden lolly stick or stick cut from sugar cane)

Como fazer:

1. Cut lime in half (from pole to pole) and slice on half into 3-4mm thick half-moon shaped segments and drop into the base of a robust rocks glass.

2. Add sweetener and MUDDLE.

3. If using cubed ice straight from the freezer, add chilled water (or optionally add fruit of your choice) and MUDDLE some more. If using watery ice then omit water.

4. When sure muddling has fully extracted fruit juice, POUR the muddled fruit and sweetener into serving glass (preferably a 30cl / 10oz hi-ball glass).

5. POUR cachaça (stored in the freezer) into the rocks glass (the glass used to muddle) and swirl to rinse glass before pouring cachaça into serving glass. STIR to mix with other ingredients.

6. If using cubed ice, crack (rather than crush) four to five large ice cubes and drop into serving glass. STIR before topping with more ice and serve with a stirrer (but no straws).

12 fresco Limão (fresco inteiro)
12 fl oz Adoçante
34 fl oz água gelada
1 12 fl oz Novo Fogo Silver


Forget those Caipirinhas blighted by crunchy undissolved sugar crystals, this version is sugar-free.


Adapted from the classic serve by yours truly (Simon Difford) in January 2019.

Also see Caipirinha cocktails - flavours, how to make and origins

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