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Saquê Junmai ginjō
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Damn It Jimmy image

Damn It Jimmy

Delicately flavoured and ever so very slightly sweet. Made with Bacardi Carta Blanca (as it originally was) this delicate cocktail has complex notes of

Smokey Joe image

Smokey Joe

Sake sweetened with Sauternes and flavoured with cognac and Islay whisky.

Special Brew Martini image

Special Brew Martini

Hopefully it's ‘Special’! ‘Brew’ refers to both the use of Byrrh (pronounced beer) and sake (which is brewed). To be a true ‘Martini’ a cocktail

For Sake's Sake image

For Sake's Sake

Being dyslexic I'm bewildered as to how to spell dyslexic, while also amused by sake (the beverage brewed from rice) being spelt the same way as sake (as

Geisha Martini image

Geisha Martini

A Vodka Martini given a Japanese influence with sake and Japanese whisky. Omit the sugar syrup if you like your Martinis bone dry.

Iced Sake Martini image

Iced Sake Martini

Icewine adds interesting and wonderfully subtle honeyed notes to this Sake Martini.

Japanese Pear image

Japanese Pear

Originally made with Poire William liqueur, hence this version calls for a little sugar. We've also taken the liberty of adding a dash of Peychaud's Bitters

Little Venice image

Little Venice

Simple and yet beautiful. Just the way a great drink should be.

Original Sin image

Original Sin

Sake and vodka with a delicate hint of honey.

Sake Manhattan image

Sake Manhattan

Lighter in style than your typical Manhattan Cocktail, with all the familiar flavour enhanced by extra sake complexity.

Sake Martini image

Sake Martini

Dry, subtle, and depending on your choice of sake, possibly amazing.

Saketini image


The purity of vodka sits elegantly with sake in this cleansing Martini.

Sakini image


Sake creates an almost wine-like delicacy in this approachable riff on the classic Dry Martini.

Sakura Martini image

Sakura Martini

This Reverse Martini-style drink features a floating salted cherry blossom as a garnish. This is not just for looks, the hint of saltiness it lends this

Sumo In A Sidecar image

Sumo In A Sidecar

Hints of sake but retains the Sidecar style.

Voyager Vodka Martini image

Voyager Vodka Martini

Why have your Martini dampened by just vermouth when the Japanese and the Peruvians have so much more to give?

Asian Ginger Cocktail image

Asian Ginger Cocktail

Lightly spiced with ginger, distinctly oriental in character.

Cucumber Sake-Tini image

Cucumber Sake-Tini

Subtle and dry. Cucumber and sake are made for each other.

Eastern Raspberry Sidecar image

Eastern Raspberry Sidecar

Refreshing, fruity, easy drinking.

Hoa Sua image

Hoa Sua

Light and easy drinking - the rum flavour shines through.